Skyrizi vs Tremfya (Risankizumab Vs Guselkumab) – Comparison

Skyrizi vs Tremfya (Risankizumab Vs Guselkumab) is a comparison of the two monoclonal antibodies which selectively target and block Interleukin-23. IL-23 is an inflammatory cytokine that activates CD4 + T-helper (Th17) cell pathway to activate the inflammation cascade that is responsible for psoriatic plaque formation.  Both of these drugs are indicated in the treatment of … Read more

Biologics for Psoriasis (TNF, IL-23, IL-39, IL-17, and CD-6 Inhibitors)

biologics for psoriasis

Biologics for Psoriasis are used in patients who have moderate to severe disease or are not responsive to conventional therapies. Biologics for psoriasis are both effective and tolerable. They have good short-term and long-term efficacy. The most common side effect associated with the use of biologics for psoriasis is the increased incidence of infections. TNF-alpha … Read more